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Our Services

Website Design & Development

RGN is a web development agency with a broad skill set including WordPress and WooCommerce, XenForo, Ghost, and other popular Content Management Systems.

New websites start at affordable rates, though, depending on the condition, we may also offer to maintain an existing website if it is up to technical standards.

IT Consulting and System Administration

RGN has advanced experience in the fields of networking, system administration, and general IT infrastructure management.


RGN provides shared web and email hosting, container (Kubernetes) hosting, as well as VPS hosting services.

Our infrastructure is located entirely in Switzerland.

Limited Availability

Due to our geographical presence being limited to Switzerland and in order to ensure that our existing clients get our undivided attention, these services are limited to a small subset of clients.

Social Media Management, Marketing, and Advertising

While we focus on the above services, we may also assist in marketing on request.