Hannah Sinha

Looking for a web development company to create a website for her services, Hannah Sinha contacted RGN Development, asking if we were able to create welcoming homepage for her business.

RGN Development offered an affordable quote for her website, allowing her to focus on her business instead of financials.

After being awarded the contract, RGN developed a homepage tailored to her needs, integrating the content she wanted to be added in a sleek, elegant manner.

We continue to be on retainer for website maintenance and IT consulting services.

Hannah Sinha Logo

Before working with RGN Development, I was clueless about the process of website building.

RGN Development did an excellent job with the website, guiding me through decisions and explaining their implications on the way with a lot of patience and humor.

So not only do I have a beautiful website now, but I also have the skills to make smaller changes myself.