Based on another RGN customer’s recommendation, IMMOMENU, a Swiss real estate broker inquired about the cost of an advanced website to promote their services on, as well as consulting for Google Ads and Google Analytics.

One of their unique selling points, a page where visitors could build their “ImmoMenu” (i.e., a restaurant-style menu where customers can pick the services they would like to aid them in selling their real estate), required advanced logic which RGN built based on a mix of an already-available plugin, as well as custom code and styling.


When I was looking for a suitable partner to create our website, I got in touch with RGN based on a recommendation from someone my network.

The price/performance ratio was very good and I chose RGN.

RGN has mastered the development of the website and the various challenges very well. I am very satisfied and can warmly recommend RGN.