BG Zürileu

In 2022, RGN was contacted by Baugenossenschaft Zürileu, a Swiss building cooperative that was looking for a new, reworked website. We offered a competitive estimate, winning the contract and staying on-budget throughout the entire project.

After finishing the planned parts, Zürileu asked us if we were also able to set up a file sharing service for them to share documents on. RGN accepted the additional offer and set up a private cloud.

The cooperative was able to review our work at all times and request changes live via email or our customer support website, allowing for a cost-efficient website development process.

After some final tweaks, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the website was launched. Since we are based in Switzerland, RGN Development was also able to take professional photos and videos for use on the website and brand material.

RGN continues to be on retainer for web development and photography services and has exceeded expectations.

Before Redesign
After Redesign
Baugenossenschaft Zürileu Logo

For us as a non-profit housing cooperative, it is important that the homepage is visually appealing (e.g. with drone shots), clearly structured and easy to understand.

In the future, we will publish more information about our cooperative and our project "Zukunft Zürileu". Furthermore, our cooperative members are encouraged to participate in the interactive exchange with the administration and the board via our website.

What we appreciated about working with RGN was that they quickly understood what we wanted as a housing cooperative. We are very satisfied with the professional implementation of our suggestions and are also grateful for RGN's valuable recommendations.